Monday, March 19, 2007

my kewpie...

Well, the sale is over -- and despite the weather we had a great weekend! I have lots of pictures to share with you.

This is a picture of my kewpie -- I saved her quite a few years ago from a not so great fate. My dad was going to toss her away because she had a little damage on one of her feet (you can't even tell from my picture!). I have had great fun with her -- even though my kids think I'm a little silly, but I just love dressing her for the holidays or special occasions. She has a place of prominence right in my kitchen and my guests can't wait to see what she will be wearing next! It may take a while, but when I least expect it I find just the perfect accessory for her -- like a Halloween mask while vacationing at the beach. Her wardrobe is getting quite extensive!

Well, she just wanted to say "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

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Rosanna said...

She's so cute... reminds me a little of the Coppertone kid... Lucky you saved her! And actually, speaking of lucky, she also looks a little like the Leprechaun on the Lucky Charms box!