Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Linda finally got a new cell phone :) You would really know how exciting this is if you actually saw her old one (it was missing numbers and everything!!).

Anyhow, she also is able to take pictures with this new phone and sent me this one from the auction today (I was even more excited!!). Here is the message I got:

"We got them"

"them" refers to the silver ladles she is holding -- and I thought this picture was so cute that I just had to share with you. Of course there is lots more new stuff on the truck and I suppose we will be unloading it tomorrow (and by the way, I can't tell you how glad I will be when this move is over). The thoughts of unloading another truck is not very exciting.

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pamoverstreet said...

I bet you guys will be glad when the move is over. The new shop looks great, love the pictures. Good picture of Linda - love it.