Monday, March 03, 2008

a taste of spring...

Today was BEAUTIFUL!
Linda and I were busy at the shop moving things around after a very busy weekend. We had the doors open and there was a nice breeze, visited with some customers -- I just can't wait 'til this warmer weather decides to hang around! (If you are wondering where Mom was -- well, she was watching the kids!) Hope you enjoyed your day!

One last thing before I sign off -- we just unloaded this great piece off the truck today. One of Linda's "gotta have it" finds!


Pam (Mamaw) said...

As for my computer - so far, so good. I keep thinking it will crash any moment. Good to be back on you site. As usual, your pictures are great, love all the new things. Bet Susie loves watching the little ones, give her my love. Pam

Tracie said...

Your blog is so cute - love the name, found you from Dona - Antekin.

Love the piece you've shown here, would look very cute in my office!

Looks like Linda found some great stuff below, going to go take a look see!

Happy to have found you.

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