Tuesday, June 03, 2008

happy birthday linda...

If you are familiar with our family you must know that the beginning of June marks the official "gift-giving" month, everytime you turn around someone is getting older! Linda, Carter, Marty, Kevin, Kyle, Yvonne -- throw in a wedding anniversary and father's day... Hope I'm not forgetting anyone.

Anyway, I went over to Linda's yesterday to help her celebrate her birthday, I made our famous chef boyardee "stinky" pizza, played with the kids, took some pictures of her beautiful flowers and those cute kids (notice how there are never any adults in these pictures!) and gave Linda her present -- her very own copy of her new favorite movie "The Holiday" (we just love this movie!). Linda gave Michael a bowl of water to splash around in and did he ever have fun. Oh well, enough talking here are a few pics.

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