Tuesday, February 13, 2007

motion sickness?

This is my first time writing on our blog. To be honest I didn't even know what a blog was 'til a couple of months ago.

I'm Linda by the way. My mother & I just got back from the Atlanta show a couple of weeks ago & have been opening boxes ever since. We got some great stuff!!!!!!!!! Wait till you see the cute spring stuff. We have already sold out of some things but not to worry we have already reordered.

Back to the Atlanta trip -- I was sick as a dog! I thought I had motion sickness, for four days! I could have stayed in the room the whole time. Being the good sport that I am we shopped till we dropped. My husband Marty stayed home with our 3 kids with the help of our sitter. To my suprise little did we know #4 is on the way! WOW! I might not be going to the show next year.

Well this has been fun, but the 3 wee little ones are calling!

Till next time.

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pamoverstreet said...

Some motion sickness. Congratulations Linda!