Sunday, July 15, 2007

vacation memories...

Okay -- here are the pictures I promised of our vacation.

On the road...this is how the vacation started -- raindrops on the window and sitting in traffic behind a horse!! Don't worry things can't get much worse.

Okay, I was wrong -- Kyle, that is my son, wakes up Saturday morning with an earache! So, its off to the doctor (after a few days of prescription and rest he's as good as new).
We were all ready, had the house decorated and everything, for July 4th -- and wouldn't you know they were cancelled because of the weather (very windy!!). It sure would have been nice to see the fireworks, but we had fun anyway.

After lots of days in the sun, walking downtown, shopping, visiting with friends (hi Tonya!) and having the annual dinner at the Rusty Rudder (love those crab legs!), it was time to come home. Thanks Mom!

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pamoverstreet said...

I love the vacation pictures -- looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Sorry about Kyle's ear :(