Saturday, September 15, 2007

beautiful saturday morning...

What a beautiful morning! I put on a pot of coffee and opened all the windows -- I feel like baking! Of course I really do not have time for that right now. But I do hope it stays this way for awhile longer.

I'll be spending the rest of my day on the soccer fields -- but if you happen to be out and about we (my mom) sure would love to visit with you at the shop. My mom and I had a "girls day out" yesterday, I will post more on that later. We found some really good stuff and some really good fun!

Hope you enjoy your day.

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pamoverstreet said...

What a pretty picture. Nice to have a "girls day out", sure you had fun. Love to all and don't forget to check my page from time to time and post me a little note. Love ya, Pam