Thursday, September 20, 2007

clueless about computers...

Hello out there. This is my first posting on our blog. I feel like Meg Ryan on You've Got Mail. Thats in my top five favs. I have not been very big in the computer world til now. I just got email and now I'm blogging. Can you believe it? Well, I actually went to work last night, that's right everybody I'm back! It was so much fun. Yes my work is fun. If you can believe it my mother & I were getting out Christmas and yes it is selling fast. Halloween is almost gone people so if you haven't been in you missed it.

Yvonne (my sister) posted our new charms last week and my favorite one is "the queen of shopping" it's so me! They have been selling fast so get them while they are hot. Click here to shop for charms.

Please leave me comments. I will love your feedback.

Till next time


pamoverstreet said...

Hey Linda, I knew you would get here eventually. I check your blog every day, makes me feel close to you guys. I love the shop and following all your shopping trips. You all are amazing! "You've Got Mail" is also one of my favorites. Give my love to all, Pam

Nick said...

Hey Linda - great site! I'll have to come check out the store now. I'm tempted to buy the "queen of shopping" charm for Natascha, but I don't want encourage her :) hahaha. Talk to you soon,