Sunday, November 25, 2007

hope it was happy...

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I was lucky enough to have two turkey dinners, one at my sister's (Linda) and one at my in-laws, it was nice visiting with everyone. I took some pictures at Linda's house to share with you. She did a great job -- and there was so much food!!

The table

The children's table --definitely NOT like any kids table I ever sat at! (Just ask my cousin Christy) They used to put my cousins and I on the steps when we had family gatherings at my Nana's. Of course I wouldn't trade those memories.

Little name cards made special by Abby, they were so cute!

Abigail still enjoying her boots.

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Pam (Mamaw) said...

Yes, we did have a nice Thanksgiving. As far as food - it seems like we had a little bit of everything we have ever liked and all the old favorites of Nana's (except the stewed tomatoes, sorry Nana). The table looks beautiful and the name cards were just perfect - go Abby!