Friday, October 05, 2007

lots of new stuff...

There is A LOT of new stuff at the shop -- here are a few quick pics.

I'm really excited to show you how the shop is looking, all of the "chicks" (and a couple of "peeps") have been working away for the last few days making the shop look great! Keep checking back for the updated pictures -- you won't be disappointed!

Oh, I almost forgot -- we had another girls day out! I will post pictures of our latest "chick trip" soon.

Well, its getting very, very late and I'm extra tired from moving all of that furniture around today -- we are looking forward to a great weekend. See you downtown!!

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pamoverstreet said...

All the new things look beautiful. You are getting reallyl good with all the "chic" talk. Is "cluck" a chic word? As you can see, your advise worked and I am up and running. Still have lots of installing to do. I guess my printer and fax is next. Thanks and love you, Pam