Thursday, October 11, 2007

my purchases...

Last time Mom and I spent the day shopping I came home with a few things -- wanna see?

I have always been fascinated by the Dionne Quintuplets, my Nana used to share stories about them with me when I would spend the summer with her (one of their names is Yvonne --maybe that's why I was always so fascinated). Anyway, I saw these two calendars and just had to have them.

Found these old pictures of someones camping trip -- how funny!

An old yearbook, the Riverlet 1935.

I also collect old miniature perfume bottles (I know what your thinking -- what don't I collect, believe me my husband is right there with you!). My Papa gave me quite a few when I would visit and I have been collecting ever since.

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pamoverstreet said...

Me too, the Dionne's and Shirley Temple. My Grandma Carter had stacks of old magazines in the attic and I used to spend hours looking through them.

And those old pictures - funny how they all look alike. I have lots of really old pictures from the Overstreets that look just like those.

At lease they are old "miniature" bottles - could be worse. I'll have to think, I may have some of those. If I do I'll save them for you.